Resources @ SHARC


Resources @ SHARC

Stop by our office hours to peruse our wide range of free sexual health resources.  We carry a large assortment of flavors, latex-free, and vegan options for all preferences! 

Condoms: External & Internal

Questions about condom use?  Stop by our office hours for a condom demo with one of our peer counselors!

Our One Collection

Shark stocks a large variety of ONE condoms. Variety may fluctuate, but often includes 576 Sensations, extra lubricated, and regular:

Lubricant & Dental Dams


Below is just a selection of our large sexual health library.  A SHARC will copy book sections on request.


Harvard Resources

Harvard Resources







Thayer Basement

Hotline and Drop-In Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 8pm-1am

Phone: 617-495-8111

Contact provides non-judgmental, non-directive, confidential peer counseling for Harvard undergraduates. Contact is the newest of the five UHS-supervised confidential peer counseling organizations. It was formed in the spring of 1985 by a group of students who felt there was a need at Harvard for a place where students could talk about issues of sexual orientation. Today, while the counselors on our staff specialize in the areas of sexual orientation, sexuality, sex, and relationships, we are trained to handle a wide variety of topics.


Lowell House M-013

Hotline Hours: Daily 8pm to 8am

Drop-In Hours: Sunday-Wednesday 8 to 11pm

Phone: 617-495-8200

Eating Concerns Hotline and Outreach (ECHO) is committed to addressing the serious issue of problems with food, from anorexia and bulimia to body image. ECHO staffers are trained undergraduates who provide non-judgmental support, both for those dealing with these issues and those who are concerned about a friend, roommate, significant other or family member. Along with offering drop-in hours and a hotline, ECHO plans and produces outreach events for the community.


Thayer Basement B-09

Drop-In Hours: Monday-Saturday 7pm to 7am

Phone: 617-495-4969


From 7pm to 7am, Room 13 is staffed by two students–usually a man and a woman. We take people and their concerns seriously; we will listen and respond non-judgmentally. When you call or drop by, no one will pressure you to talk about anything you don’t want to. You can feel free to ask to talk to just a female or male counselor, or both. You don’t need an appointment, and we don’t record your name. Room 13 will maintain strict confidentiality, meaning we don’t tell friends, senior tutors, proctors, or administrators about what we talk about.


Lowell Basement E-13

Hotline Hours: Daily 9pm to 8am

Drop-In Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9pm to 12am

Phone: 617-495-9600

RESPONSE is a group of professionally trained undergraduates who provide counseling to their peers on sex, consent, and relationships. RESPONSE staff members provide non-judgmental support, honest answers, and information, and are aware of resources on and off-campus for individuals in need of medical, legal, and/or psychological support. RESPONSE also provides outreach opportunities to the Harvard student community during the academic year.




HealthPALs, Health Peer Advisor & Liaisons, are a team of healthcare liaisons between students and Harvard University Health Services. As a HealthPAL, you will know the ins and outs of HUHS, and be able to guide peers in accessing and managing their healthcare. You will also be certified in first aid, and trained to be able to give out single-dose over-the-counter medications directly in your House for minor ailments.


Harvard Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisors (DAPA) is a group of student advisors that serve both as health opinion leaders and resources to their peers. DAPAs are trained to provide accurate information and respond to questions regarding drug and alcohol use. While we come from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, we are united in our goal to make Harvard as fun and safe of a campus as possible.


At Harvard, many students tend to sort their lives into different buckets such as academics, extracurriculars, social life, and personal time.  In service to the mission of Harvard’s Bureau of Study Counsel (BSC), a center for academic and personal development, BSC Fellows aim to educate and inspire students to find meaning and connections across these various domains, focus on what matters most to them, and develop the skills and capacities they need to thrive.


Originally established as The Student Alliance in 1997, the Consent Advocates & Relationship Educators are translators, interpreters, and connectors who serve as liaisons between the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response and their peers. Through strategic educational advocacy, outreach, and programming, CAREs work to create a campus culture free from the threat or experience of sexual violence for all people. They foster collaborative relationships with student leaders and administrative offices to create safer, trauma-informed spaces for survivors and allies, plan health communication campaigns and programs to promote gender equity and confront rape culture, and conduct peer-to-peer training surrounding consent and healthy relationships.



SMHL are student leaders who work collaboratively with the Wellness Proctors/Tutors, and other student groups to promote a supportive student community at Harvard. Liaisons educate, raise awareness, and engage in House and Freshman Yard community programs in order to help our community (students, residential and administration staff, faculty) better understand the issues of emotional wellbeing, early recognition of students in distress, treatment effectiveness, treatment options, and to promote emotional support in the community.



External Resources

External Resources

Other Sexual Health Resources to check out:

    • Information on contraceptive options, birth control reminders, etc.
    • Columbia University Sexual Health Resource site
    • A grassroots organization promoting sexuality and sexual health education.