Are you a natural listener? 

Comfortable discussing sensitive issues such as contraception, STIs, and sexuality? 

You may have what it takes to be a Sexual Health And Relationship Counselor.

What we offer:

  • Comprehensive training in contraception, STIs, relationships, and sexuality. Although some of this may be medical information, this knowledge is relevant for everyone, regardless of sexual background, orientation, and perceptions.
  • Non-directive counseling skills. You will develop sophisticated listening and advising skills as a SHARC counselor that are directly relevant to your personal and professional relationships.
  • Public speaking experience. You can do anything after you’ve learned to handle Woody the Wooden Penis.
  • Access to counseling resources, including fellow counselors and UHS staff.

How to interview:

Full time Harvard College students are invited email us at for inquiries, or fill out the form below. A counselor will contact you within a few days to schedule an interview. We will typically interview candidates towards the end of each semester. Every candidate is interviewed twice during SHARC office hours.

Name *

Interviewing tips:

  • RELAX. RELAX. RELAX. It’s just a conversation so that we can get to know you and you can get to know us.
  • We will simulate a counseling scenario so that you can get a feel for our duties. Follow your instincts — don’t try to think through the scenario too much or say the right thing. Just be yourself. There are no right or wrong answers.
  • Pay attention to the feedback that your interviewer gives you. We don’t expect interviewees to be perfect counselors; we are trying to gauge how well interviewees function after training.  We especially look for change and improvement from the first interview to the second.

Finally, do not stress if you are not elected a SHARC counselor: we welcome people to reinterview the following semester! Each semester will vary in terms of how many new SHARCs we can take. Know that our decision isn't final, and we are proud to see the strong commitment to sexual health and well-being exhibited by all who interview.

The task of promoting wellness and open dialogues about sex and relationships is larger than any organization. It is your interest that will shape, help, nurture, teach, and strengthen our Harvard community. THANK YOU!